Galina Pinata
2-lbs. Stew Meat
2-lbs. Pinto Beans

2-lbs. Hominy (aka) Nixtamal

1 small yellow onion quartered
1 small bulb garlic
1/2 cup
Mild Santa Cruz Chili Powder

Boil one gallon of water and add all of the above ingredients. After the mixture begins to boil, reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for three hours. To prepare the onion and garlic, quarter the onion and garlic. After, simmering the initial mix for three hours add the garlic and onion. Allow the whole mixture to cook for one hour.

At the end of four hours of cooking time, add 3 oz. of chili powder and salt to taste.

This is best served with Mexican rolls.

Serves 8 -10 people