Sonoran Hamburgers With Santa Cruz Chili Paste
(Hamburgers southwestern style)
1 lb. premium hamburger meat, seasoned and made into patties (try various Santa Cruz spices)
Hamburger buns
Cheese slices (cheddar, mozzarella, or pepper jack for more spice)
Green chili strips (from a can or you roast your own)
Ripe tomato slices
Crisp lettuce
Season the hamburger patties to your taste and cook on the grill.
Assemble the hamburgers as you like them. For mild, vibrant chili flavor, top with Santa Cruz Red Chili Paste. Or try my favorite - Santa Cruz Chipotle mayonnaise (1 T Chipotle paste mixed with 1 T mayo) for a sweet, hot smoky hamburger.

Sonoran Hamburgers are a delicious blend of Mexican 'heat' added to an American favorite. Serve these at your next BBQ and watch them disappear.

Make Sonoran Hamburgers your way, but be sure to include Santa Cruz Chili and Spice Co. ingredients.