Sonoran Hotdogs With Santa Cruz Chili Paste
(Hotdogs southwestern style)
All beef hot dogs
Pinto beans
Chopped onions
Chopped tomato
Roasted Green Chilies
Hot dog buns
Wrap the hot dog in the bacon and cook before making your hot dog. Mix and match your preferred ingredients, but be sure to top it off with Santa Cruz Red Chili Paste for a mild, savory finish, or Santa Cruz Green Chili Paste for a bright, tangy flavor, or (my favorite) Santa Cruz Chipotle Paste for a smoky, hot kick.

These flavorful hot dogs originated in Hermosillo, Mexico but have become quite popular throughout Arizona. Sonoran Hot Dogs are the latest crossover of Mexican flavors with an all American classic. They originated as a late night snack for hungry party animals heading home after closing time. Their zest comes from building your dog just the way you want it, but building off the basics.